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A scar develops as part of the normal wound healing process. Scar tissue is the fibrous connective tissue that is usually formed after an injury, such as a cut, incision, or burn has occurred. It may also appear following skin conditions such as ulcers, acne, psoriasis, or insect bites. Except for very mild lesions, most wounds will scar to some extent. The Juniper scar/pigmentation treatment may assist with scar reduction from surgical scars, general wounds and pigmentation of the skin. Improves the appearance of the skin whilst decreasing the size of the scar, reducing redness, dryness and itchiness common during the healing process. We offer an alternative treatment plan to harsh chemical based treatments currently on the market. We provide a solution to the ever growing organic and ingredient conscious consumer that want to use ethical, plant based and cruelty free products.

Scar Treatment Serum 30ml

Scar Treatment Serum 30ml 

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