Peri Oral Dermatitis

Peri Oral Skin Guide Peri Oral Skin Guide (20 KB)

Peri Oral Dermatitis is a common facial skin problem found in adult women. It rarely occurs in men and may occasionally affect children. Groups of itchy or tender red papules (bumps) appear most often around the mouth. They spare the skin bordering the lips (which appears pale) but develop on the sides of the chin, then spreading to include the upper lip and cheeks. The surrounding skin may appear pink, and the skin surface often becomes dry and flaky. Peri Oral Dermatitis can look like a cold sore (during severe flare-ups) around the mouth area or acne like with dry and flaky skin. It can also appear around the nose and mouth when it should be more correctly called ‘periocular’.

Calming Makeup Remover 100ml

A calming non-irritant makeup remover for all skin types.  Effectively removes even waterproof makeup whilst hydrating and conditioning the face and delicate eye area.
*Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba Virgin) Oil, *Calendula officinalis (Calendula C02), *Chamomilla recutita (Chamomile C02) *certified organic. **natural /Non GMO
Remove your makeup with this beautiful 1st grade Virgin Jojoba Oil by applying a small amount to a damp cotton pad, then gently wipe over the delicate eye area and face. Non allergenic and non-sensitising makes it suitable to use around the eye area, on all skin types. Follow with your Juniper Cleanser.
Calming Makeup Remover 100ml

$39.95 (GST inc) 


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